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Q: Do I have to leash my dog?

A:  Yes!  AND you have to hang on to the leash, clean up after your dog, and make sure you and pooch are well behaved.

Q:  May I bring more than one dog?
A:  Yes.  You may bring multiple dogs as long as they are on a leash and you control them (not the other way around).  One dog is included in your entry fee, extra dogs are $5 each.


Q:  What if it is raining?  Do I get money back?
A:  C’mon. This is the pacific northwest!  Wear a raincoat and enjoy some liquid sunshine.  It feels good to be outside!  All entries are NON-Refundable.  You know what they say about “April Showers”.  Of course we’ll hold the event in the rain.  If we didn’t brave the elements, we’d all turn into moles (who, by the way, are not invited to this event, but you can learn more about CycleMoles by clicking here.)  


Q:  How far is 5K?
A:  5K is equal to 3.1 miles or 16,368 feet.


Q:  Who is organizing this event?
A:  Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness with Hamster Endurance Running.  The Pooch Scoot is the brainchild of Robin Robertson (Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness) and Kelly Krieger (Hamster Endurance Running) who wanted to host a fun event that anyone can do, include your doggies, and do some good in the world.
Why?  Because we want to promote community fun and good health.


Q:  Why “Pooch Scoot”?
A:  Because… seemed like it would be fun to organize an event in April – a 5K can be a challenge or warm up event depending on how much you (and your pooch) have been training.  If you don’t have a training plan, why don’t you follow this 7 week training plan from the Mayo Clinic.  Download it for free:  Mayo Clinic 5K 7 Week Training Plan


Q:  May I bring my goat (or other animal)?
A:  No, sorry, not your goat, not your camel, not even your hamster that fits in your pocket.  This event is limited to dogs and humans only.


Q: Do all dogs get a tennis ball at the finish line?
A:  We’ll do our best to give every pooch a tennis ball. The Bellingham Tennis Club is already saving up their used tennis balls for your doggies.


Q:  Is this a fundraiser?
A:  Yes!   Net net proceeds will be donated to “Animals as Natural Therapy.”

Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT) offers healing programs based on the knowledge that animals can teach humans important life skills: respect for self and others, trust-building, and clear communication. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, ANT operates out of Windy Acres, a onehundred year old, 5-acre farm situated at the edge of Bellingham in Northwest Washington. Windy Acres provides a peaceful, secluded spot for our animal and human partners to practice their healing work. Over the past decade, ANT has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults. 

Q:  Do you need Volunteers?
A:  YES WE DO!  We need poochy helpers for registration, flagging the course, and at the finish chute.  Please email us if you would like to volunteer …and you’ll get a T-Shirt for free!  It should be about 3 – 4 hours max time on Sunday.  In the subject line please write “Pooch Scoot Volunteer” to robin(at)
  All volunteers will receive a $20 Hamster Bucks certificate, good for any Hamster Endurance Running Event in the next year.  Check out all the events at

Q:  More Questions?
A:  Please call Robin Robertson at Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness,
360-733-5050  or email us at robin(at)

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